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Thread: Renault Fluence launches in Hong Kong

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    Renault Fluence launches in Hong Kong

    The Renault Fluence launches in Hong Kong:

    Power player - The Standard

    Renault - HOME

    Renault's launch of the Fluence was at the Hong Kong Science Park, with many VIPs in attendance. They included French transport minister Thierry Mariani, Secretary for the Environment Edward Yau, France's consul general in Hong Kong Arnaud Barthelemy, and Schneider Electric president and CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire.

    Not much detail, and the Renault site is just a placeholder with a futuristic video, but at least the car is coming...

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    Drove one a few days ago here in Madrid and found it to be a very nicely built, smooth and quiet. The range is poor but for HK it will be great.
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    Price is $388,000 which is cheaper than Nissan Leaf too.

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