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Thread: It is currently illegal to run out of electricity on the expressway

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    It is currently illegal to run out of electricity on the expressway

    Interesting titbit in:

    Under regulation 9(2)(a) of Cap. 374Q, a motor vehicle may stop or remain at rest on the carriageway of an expressway due to lack of fuel, oil or water required for the vehicle. EVs are propelled by electric motors with electricity stored in their batteries and electricity is not classified as fuel used by a motor vehicle. It is therefore proposed to amend regulation 9(2)(a) to cater for a situation where EVs may be forced to stop or remain at rest on an expressway by reason of lack of electricity.

    Offenders are liable on first conviction to a fine of $5000 and imprisonment for 3 months and on second or subsequent conviction to a fine of $10000 and imprisonment for 6 months.

    Nice that they noticed it and plan to change the law...

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    wow, proactive. I'm surprised someone dug that out
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    I'd think any reasonable person would consider the electricity "fuel" under this law.
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    A good attorney would recognize that the law doesn't actually apply to electric cars as it appears in this case. Unless it is specifically stated that electricity is considered a fuel, under the rules of statutory language, it would not apply. The proposed language for amending that legislation would be done in order to clarify an ambiguity in the way the law was originally written. Ambiguities are always construed against the person/entity who wrote them.

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