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Thread: Political compass test

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug_G View Post
    Complete sellout. Pandering. Nothing "conservative" about that whatsoever.
    Both groups pander to specific groups. Living in NJ, the things that go on and the laws that they pass are just stupid and aimed for reelection or make the other group look bad.

    One example in NJ was "Millionaires tax", Corzine (Democrat) passed it for a year, let it sunset during his lame duck period (had ample opportunity to sign it), Christie (Republican) came into office with the promise of not raising taxes, so he didn't sign it and there was a big blow out during the Senate elections. And then there was the "Gay Marriage" thing in NJ, Ample opportunity to pass it when democrats controlled both the house and senate, and governorship, but vote it down, then when a Republican becomes governor, they "find" the votes to pass it so that he can veto it.

    It least in NJ here's how the two groups pander

    Democrats- Big cities, poor, specific minorities, public worker unions
    Republicans - property owners, suburbs, wealthy, senior citizens

    Both groups say pander to the "middle class" but really do not do anything for them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan5 View Post
    One example in NJ was "Millionaires tax", Corzine (Democrat) passed it for a year
    You mean THIS Corzine?
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