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Thread: Tesla Motors efficient factory operation

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    GreenCarReports has regurgitated the Bloomberg article

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    It say Tesla has never been profitable. There was that one month a few years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vfx View Post
    It say Tesla has never been profitable. There was that one month a few years ago.
    Didn't they have to show a profit for some purpose at the time? Getting the DOE loan?

    Anyway, it's easy enough in just about any business to jigger things to show a one-month profit. Simply delay ordering some stuff for a few weeks, and slide a couple of sales from the previous month, and bingo!

    Profit is best avoided, for tax purposes only.

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    I believe they had to show a path to profitability and they said they were on that path if it weren't for Model S development which is why they were seeking the loan.

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    It is somewhat paradoxical that Tesla's potential for profitability was ultimately enhanced by the recession-based challenges in the automotive industry and the resulting availability of an inexpensive NUMMI facility.
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