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Thread: Suggested Sun Country Highway Charging Locations - Canada

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    Suggested Sun Country Highway Charging Locations - Canada

    There have been some posts regarding Sun Country Highway building out a EV charging network across Canada. I thought this would be a good thread for suggested charger locations.

    It will be a while before I get my Model X, but it would be nice to have chargers in locations that are most useful to me. I am not concerned about driving in and around Ottawa, but it would be nice to see chargers on highways that I travel.

    I drive up to North Bay 3 - 4 times a year, so it would be nice to see a charger half way between Ottawa and North Bay. Maybe Deep River or Petawawa?

    I also drive down to Connecticut maybe once or twice a year. I haven't sat down to look at routing and charger locations yet, but maybe some charger in Southern Ontario would help. I suspect I would have to charge twice on the way to Wilton CT. Perhaps once just before the border and then again in and around Albany should do it.

    Any other locations that would help you get the most out of your Tesla?
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    By all means post your suggestions!

    Specific locations would be the most useful - do you know of a particular restaurant, hotel, etc., along your favourite routes where the owners would be receptive to putting in an electric car charging station?

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    I think Deep River would be a good place for a charger. Highway 17 runs straight through the town and is half way between Ottawa and North Bay. There are a lot of restaurants, a motel and a Canadian Tire all on the section of 17 that runs through. It's a good place to stop on the way up.

    I know that Sun Country uses Clipper Creek chargers. Is there a see fix model? I am curious how long it would take to charge my 60kWh or 85 kWh Model X.

    I will take a good look at some maps and see where a good location for a charger on the way to CT would be.

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    Locatinos along Highway #1 in Alberta/BC

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug_G View Post
    By all means post your suggestions!

    Specific locations would be the most useful - do you know of a particular restaurant, hotel, etc., along your favourite routes where the owners would be receptive to putting in an electric car charging station?
    I haven't thought about too specific of locations but Calgary definitely should have several stops along the #1 as well as along Stoney Trail (Road that goes around Calgary). I think level 3 chargers would be best suited in those locations that go around the city. I also think Golden, BC, and Kamloops, BC, should have chargers at a relatively low cost hotel that is not a dirt ball of a place. Perhaps Best Western quality and above.

    I worked out that a 300m/480km battery will need a minimum of two stops from where I live (Red Deer, AB) to make it to Vancouver, BC. That's assuming best case scenario mileage. I do not know what real world application would be for going up and down the Rocky Mountains... I think level 3 chargers are the way to go as this could turn into a day trip instead of having to stop for 1 or 2 nights and pay excessive hotel fees. That's just my $0.02.

    I would LOVE to see level 3 chargers at places like McDonalds & Tim Hortons as I like to buy my coffee from those places; however, if people are only installing level 2 chargers then hotels that are cheaper then the Fairmont Hotels..

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    Gateways to the north in MB, SK...

    I live in a "city" in northern Saskatchewan on the border with Manitoba, so of course I would like to see some chargers placed along common routes to/from there. Currently, SCH's network doesn't extend any further north than Saskatoon, leaving 75% of the province out in the cold. The situation is even worse on the MB side.

    If anyone from up north here wants to travel anywhere, they've got between a 400km and an 750km drive ahead of them. Ideally, chargers would be placed in communities they'd pass through on their way. These are called "Gateway" communities because they're the last stop for food, fuel, and services for quite a ways.

    There are really only two routes out of my town; highway 106 down through SK, and highway 10 through MB. Both are long, straight expanses with not much of anything on them. However, the town of Smeaton is 322km down HWY-106 and the road passes right through the center of town. A charger there would provide a nice safety buffer for anyone making the trip (me, for example) and it would be reachable even when taking into account the range losses brought on by cold winter temperatures. On the MB route, one must eventually take HWY-60 across to HWY-6 before continuing south. There is a large Shell gas station at the intersection of these two highways. It has 10 pumps, a convenience store, a restaurant, a huge lot, and is open 24 hours a day. I'm sure they could be convinced to put a charger or two on their property since everyone traveling that highway stops there. It would also be a safe place to charge up given the constant activity.

    Now, these choices are pretty selfish but I do believe they would open up the possibility of EV travel to northern communities like mine in an area of the country that is down pretty far on the priority list of even an infrastructure-focused organization like SCH.
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    It would be very helpful for the Sun Country Highway to reach down towards the border. Specifically, I would love to see one in Stanstead, QC on the 55 (which is the extension of US I-91) and another in Philipsburg, QC on the 133 (which is the extension of US I-89).

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