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Thread: Model S Wheel Pricing & Performance: Std|Perf|Sig

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mycroft View Post
    Tesla is looking at offering snap-on covers of some kind for the 21" wheels. So if you're going on a road trip and want a little more range elbow room, you'd snap on the wheel covers. I think they're in testing. This is good because the best time for road trips would be in the Summer, which is also the best time for the 21" wheels.
    Good to hear. I was thinking of getting a spare pair of aeros for winter and long trips, then I realized I can't be a$$ed to change wheels for something like that
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    Quote Originally Posted by drees View Post
    Not a bad idea - would be useful for all sorts of cars as long as you know you're not going to do any heavy mountain descending or extra spirited driving.
    I left the Roadster in cruise control at 55mph for a 7 mile 7% downhill and let the regen do all the work ( no brake pedal at all ) and I regenerated about 120 wh/mile. I think it was using less than half the available regen "braking power". I would bet you there is no paved road anywhere in the United States that is longer than a couple of miles that descends too steeply for the regen to handle it.

    Descending from Haleakala on Maui to the beach is a 14000 foot descent over about 32 miles and I bet the Roadster could do it at any reasonable speed you desire without ever touching the brake pedal.

    Somebody do some math...

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