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Thread: Tesla Roadster Video Shoot

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    Tesla Roadster Video Shoot

    Greetings to all and high honors on being a part of the transition to sustainability in such a cool way. I am writing to find out if there are any owners in the area of Philadelphia or the adjacent suburbs who would be interested in having their roadster filmed for a music video project. The car would be parked and the shoot would only take about 30-45 minutes. The owner would be present for the entire shoot and I would certainly pay you for your time.
    Thank You,
    J. Kayin

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    Resolved : )

    Well, we had to make do with a custom painted track bike (arabic calligraphy and 23K gold leaf etc.) as I absolutely refused to rent a sports car that burned fossil fuels. I think it worked out.
    : )

    Name:  Jamil_Kayin_Custom_Track_Pro_MIL-K_2.jpg
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    Be In Touch!
    J. Kayin

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