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Thread: UK fuel strike - EV's could show there is an alternative !

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    … I wont be surprised if there's a union strike announced in time for next weeks local elections.

    And if so, it would be our opportunity for all TMC / EV / hybrid UK owners to organise an invasion of the M40 and carry out the original idea of photo-shoot from a motorway bridge showing both sides of the motorway devoid of ICE cars and dozens EV's driving each direction - just to highlight the fact there is an alternative to being reamed by the oil companies and government. Then give it to the Dailymail

    Maybe feed them the fact that a £6.50 gallon of petrol provides either 30 miles in an ICE car, or about 400 miles worth of electricity...

    Following which we can all converge on the services at Junction 8 on the M40 for more photos showing a queue forming behind the single Ecotricity charge point !

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    Quote Originally Posted by PV4EV View Post
    *picture of expensive gas*
    I thought "Oh, that's not too high. I've paid over 1,70€ for fuel before... "
    Then it dawned on me that this is in £££

    A daily statistic of LEAFs, Volts etc. sold in the UK would be awesome now.

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