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Thread: What it's all about

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    My little one charging up his own vehicles (after reminding dad he forgot to plug in his own and doing it for him)

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    Very cute
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    Added our own future Teslanaut to the community in January
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    Tesla's great for the kids...

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    This is from my daughters grade 1 school journal.

    Translation for those who don't read 1st grader English

    "Tuesday May 13 2014. My dream car is electric because all cars don't need gas and because my dad has one"

    Amazing to think that this generation maybe the one to grow up wondering how we live with ICE vehicles.
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    Adorable. I'd love to see an honest attempt to make that color scheme look awesome on a Model S.

    Also, curious: I get the impression she's drawing the original 19" wheels. Has she seen and drawn the turbine wheels before?
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    This is one of my favorite long-running threads so I'm happy to bump it back up.
    You might have seen that picture making the rounds on Twitter and then reposted BY TESLA on their Facebook page this morning.

    My 10 year old daughter made that signage on the driveway and I saw it--backward-- in the rearview camera while backing into the garage (because no fumes, right!). When I walked around and saw what it said I knew it deserved a picture... which I then tweeted about midnight last night.

    Anyway-- so when I checked back on the computer midday today the picture had was making the rounds. My daughter was quite excited "I'm famous!" and quite curious and concerned whether or not Elon had seen it. I have no idea.... so I tweeted him too. We'll see.

    Here's the same view from this morning-- but now you can see her "thumbs up" smiley face (the Tesla's name is Serena) which was harder to make out at night. She was very proud of her thumbs up... I'm somewhat less so of her spelling (Allowd) but it does add a lot of cuteness.
    And yes, I have since weeded the drain grain <sigh>.

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