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    136 67.66%
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    22 10.95%
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    23 11.44%
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Thread: Would you buy 19 inch turbine wheels?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Wolfe View Post
    Oh come on... They've already told us what brand and model of tire we're getting. Most car dealers can't even tell you that once the car is on the lot.
    After giving us 500 or so different specs, the 3 more we want shouldn't be a big deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gg_wants_a_tesla View Post
    Not really. I like the default 19" wheels; seem slick enough for me and appear to be easy to maintain too (in terms of cleaning up the brake dust and such).
    There shouldnt be much break dust...

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    No, but the wheels on my Roadster sure do get dirtier a lot faster than the rest of the car anyways.

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    For me, the area behind the front wheels gets dirtier than the wheels themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by William13 View Post
    If the bolt pattern is the same I will get Lorinser RS8 after market 19 inch turbine wheels. Check it out. I just hope they fit. $1000 each wheel.
    That was my idea (and hope) as well.
    And didn't Tesla actually use Lorinser RS8's on the Model S Prototype?

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    digging up an older thread.... after all the discussion of 19" vs. 21" rims I'd go for 19" turbines in a heartbeat if Tesla offered them.
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    Related, I would like to see 20" turbine wheels that are designed to do a better job of protecting the wheel. The current wheels are set outside the protection of the tire and are very prone to curb damage. A different tire may help.
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    So of what I understand, VW has similar rims to Tesla

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    19" turbinewheels for sale

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