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Thread: NYT doing report on reservation fees

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    NYT doing report on reservation fees

    Hello Tesla owners/prospective owners,

    I am a reporter with the New York Times and I am doing research for an article on the reservation payments that people pay to reserve a Tesla car. If you want to chat to me about this subject, please email me on [email protected] I have spoken with Tesla and they know I am working on this piece and have given me feedback. I am now looking for actual Tesla owners or prospective owners to chat with about the downpayments.

    Many thanks,
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    sent email. Wait to see what happens.

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    What is there to talk about? You either have the $5k/$40k, and put in a reservation, or you don't.

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    Peter - Could you point us towards some other stories you've written about alternative energy vehicles?

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    Peter's probably more interested in the financial angle to the reservation setup rather than the green car aspect; he's a regular contributor to NYT's DealBook and is ex-WSJ.

    Peter Eavis - DealBook -
    Ex-WSJer Eavis to join NYT Talking Biz News

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    The story has been posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prezpat View Post
    The story has been posted.
    Thanks for posting the link. Interesting comments section...

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    Discussion on the resulting article ended up in this thread: TMC - Tesla's Ambitions Fueled by Customer Down Payments

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