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Thread: Privacy policy regarding vehicle data

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    I'm definitely in favor of sharing performance data with Tesla - the collective info that all the 2012 model S's could provide will definitely be super valuable for future power train development.

    To make it a perfect deal for me, Tesla should:

    - Tell me exactly what is being collected (without weasel words) and how it will be used. For example, I assume that GPS tracks are not uploaded. But, if I knew what it'd be used for, I'd be fine with altitude (from the GPS), attitude/inclination (possibly from the air suspension system, load level (maybe the suspension knows this too?), outside air temperature, whether it's raining or not, sunroof open/closed (and other aerodynamic hints)
    - Allow me to access my own data (in detail) -- yes, I realize we'll likely be able to download logs from our vehicles. Bonus points if they document the format for us.
    - Provide me feedback on how my vehicle is performing, and how I'm doing as a driver (am I being friendly to the battery? Motor?)

    When Tesla reaches "big 3" size, we'll see if we still trust them with our data .


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    I just noticed that!

    I was reading the news stories linked from the iPhone stock app, and for a brief moment, I was asking myself "where have I seen this before?"


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