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Thread: Model X Tally

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    @MikeL - what about selling some covered calls to make extra money on your shares? You do that well above the trading point it is at now and out far enough to hopefully expire worthless and you pocket the amount sold-for. I can't see owning TSLA without being involved in some well-planned covered call selling.

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    @bonaire - almost exactly 2 years ago, I decided I wanted to own some TSLA so I scrounged up a little cash and opened an account. Doing some retro-math, I now realize that had I known even just the bare rudiments of options trading, I could have made A LOT of money in 2013 alone. Retirement money, 8 or 10 Model S's money and a Model X reservation or two for good measure (does that make this post "on topic" ) but instead, I bought some shares & went back to work.

    Still, I suppose it's not too late now, right?! Tesla is taking over - it will just take a little longer Like my X delivery
    now THAT's on topic . . . wait, which thread is this ?
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    I just wanted to point out that anyone who wants to try the latest "developer" version can get it from from jpasqua/VisibleTesla · GitHub - of course you will need to build it yourself.

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