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Thread: Model X Tally

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    Model X Tally

    Yes, there are good reasons to hide this information, as there where also with patents.

    The info could be: "Hey look we have so many Model S-D orders and some came from MX, because the D is such a great product and success. So we are happy to tell you, if you like SUVs and even want the next great Tesla Model, then there are new reservations possible, even for the SiGs."

    And while we are so convinced of our products, and don't fear bad press, why not give the people a new updated reservation number?

    Just a thought, I like the way tesla did with the patents, would love to be surprised with this too.

    Would even more love to see the real-X within the next weeks, not months.

    It's Christmas time - big kids have their wishes, too.🎅
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    Model X Tally

    SUV, large og small with 4x4 sells realy good in Norway, think the reason why people have moved to the D versjons for model S is because the AWD and the posibility for higher price on X.
    The Model S, just got 8-9.5% more expensice due to low currency value, due to lower oil prices. And people is also thinking our goverment will tax the EV from 2016 and make the X even more expensive.
    Better with a Trsla D than no Tesla.

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    My dad reserved today and he is #15,059
    X reservation # 1104

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