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Thread: UMC with blue/CEE32-3 or red CEE32-5 plug?

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    UMC with blue/CEE32-3 or red CEE32-5 plug?

    I supporte a new roadster driver, Anton a electrical engineer in Zürich.

    Anton thougt behind the 3ph plug will be 32A x 400V X square root 3 > 22kW, that is to much 11kW with 16A is ok.

    He ordered a RED CEE32-5 installation with at least 16A fuse on Parking place No. 123. The electrician instaled 3x 25A.

    Anton was very angry, when i explaind him: behind the 32-5 Plug is only a 1ph charger L1/N, because Teslamotors Zurich has also be involved to recomend what to do.

    Now the Electrician says, at this connection point, he can not upgrade to 32A, you need a new installation from a different panel with higher currunt to an other parkingplace.

    If the UMC would be equiped with the blue CEE32-3 plug, no missanderstandig occurs.

    The CEE32-5 plug is a trick to hide the 1ph charger.

    I noticed on pictures of the forum, that in some countrys the UMC comes with blue 32-3.

    I like to get a list witch country comes with blue 32-3 plug.

    Is there sombody who knows how do make a list, so you can see wich countrys are already on the list?
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    I was told the blue 32A plug was illegal in Switzerland. So the red one it is. It not to trick anyone but to be legally compliant.

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    I have both red and blue CEE 32A. The blue one can be used in ports, where the yachts gets single phase (I did it once on my trip to Spain in Saint Tropez). But you can build an adapter to feed to the red CEE as well (L1 + N) also to prevent the problem with Schuko which are only rated 10A continues and 16A burst (15min) to get at least 16A (in Italy same are also rated with 20A)
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewBissell View Post
    I was told the blue 32A plug was illegal in Switzerland. So the red one it is. It not to trick anyone but to be legally compliant.

    It is illegal to connect a 1ph load to a red CEE32-5. Its illegal to manufactor a adapter from CEE32-5 to 1ph plug
    What type is the plug beetwen CEE32-5 and Incabelcontrollbox?

    It is illegal to install a blue CEE32-3 socket without allowence for connection to the utility grid.

    So the legal way is:

    UMC with blue CEE16-3

    UMC with blue CEE32-3.
    1. apply for connection at the utility grid
    2. Most utilitys do not allow 1ph load higher 16A
    3. Measures:
    a. Converter 3ph/1ph > expencive but 70A from CEE32-5
    b. Special transformer > minimum 30% asymmetric load 50A from CEE32-5
    c. Connect to a grid point with low impedance > in view cases practicable
    d. prevent buying a car not designed for European grid
    e. others

    If the UMC comes with blue CEE32-3 it is obvious that's a 1ph Load with 32A max.
    The everage electrician has never installed such a socket. He has many questions and find out he has to apply to allow connection to the utility grid

    UMC with red CEE32-5 is illegel, because CEE32-5 hides the 1ph load, view electrician notice that, and if they noticed they feel not responsible for that.

    Model-S UMC-2 will probably come with blue CEE32-3, : because it's a mass product and homologation people learned
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