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Thread: Arno Mathoy CTO Brusa died 30.12.2011 age 49

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    Arno Mathoy CTO Brusa died 30.12.2011 age 49

    BRUSA: Arno Mathoy

    Arno Mathoy a friend of mine, Leader of CES TK 69 and father of IEC 61851 Mode 3 protokoll died, 7. März 1963 bis 30. Dezember 2011.
    I will miss him and will be today at the goodby ceremony.

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    RIP Arno, we'll be joining you all too soon.

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    I feel a deep sorrow. I met him last year just before the tesla store opening in Milan. We recharged our Roadster at BRUSA overnight. He gave our little group a company tour and explained to us all to new products like the new 22kW charger.
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