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Thread: Worse than being ICEd?

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    Worse than being ICEd?

    Not sure if this is more humiliating than being ICEd by a non-plug-in Prius. I guess you call this being "Zamboni'd"?

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    And No, TEG, I'm not the General Manager of the Nassau Inn

    Footnote... Chargepoint location: cost is parking plus $3 unless validated by shops in Palmer Square

    Address: 25 Chambers St, Princeton, New Jersey 08542, United States
    Status as of: 2012-01-03 08:26:21 (EST)
    Port 1: 208/240V, 30A, J1772:Available
    Access: Unrestricted
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    this sucks... what a blow. someone should be given a brush.
    no wait, the Roadster's just charging fine... Perhaps he can save the $3.00 extra fee for not using the parking slot?

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    haha ownage!

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    Maybe the driver heard the term ICE'd and got confused

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