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Thread: Feds to study fire risks in EV batteries

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    Batteries in Electric Cars Examined After Chevy Volt Fire

    Regulators Examine Electric Car Batteries After Fire -

    According to TFA, they didn't follow GM's procedure to disable the battery after a crash. Just goes to show though... with a new technology there will be road bumps and perceived safety is a big deal.

    I hope Tesla is way out in front of this. A 5-star rating won't help much with a reactionary press and a couple isolated incidents. From Tesla website: "In the event of a crash, the battery structure protects cells from impact and automatically disconnects the power supply". Anyone know if the Volt has such a safety feature?

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    FYI, slightly OT but it's been confirmed; the cause of the fire in North Carolina was not the Volt Fire Marshal Says NC Garage Fire Started Away From Chevy Volt: Exclusive

    WARNING: Danger of Electric Shock! Vehicle may accelerate quicker than anticipated.

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    The article mentions that experts from GM "rescued the black box" from the destroyed Volt.
    Will Model S have a black box, too?
    A black box constitutes for me
    1 logging all data relevant for disaster reconstruction
    2 designed to survive crash, shock, fire, submersion (to some extend)
    3 manufacturer trains experts (own/NHTSA) how to salvage the unit and how to extract the logged data

    It can be a dedicated device or a hardened part of on board controller unit.

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    The timing of the original story in this thread now matches up with that post crash test fire. All becomes clear.

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    (Reuters) - U.S. auto safety regulators are opening a formal investigation into fire risks in General Motors' Volt vehicles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on Friday.

    The NHTSA said it was taking the action after recreation this month of a May crash test resulted in fires in two out of three tests.
    Link to story:
    U.S. opening formal probe into GM Volt fire risk - Yahoo! News

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
    I hope they are honest and compare it to risk of fire in fuel tanks!
    Tesla/Rav4EV, P+17252

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    Shooting a bullet into an EV battery pack in a Hollywood Movie will engulf the car in a lightening display of bolts of Tesla-coil style electricity. The death of the Id comes to mind.
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    Was reviewing this thread due to the recent Fisker Karma fire.

    Quote Originally Posted by vfx View Post
    Shooting a bullet into an EV battery back in a Hollywood Movie will engulf the car in a lightening display of bolts of Tesla-coil style electricity. The death of the Id comes to mind.
    Just noticed and wanted to acknowledge the Forbidden Planet Id monster reference.

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    Wasn't there a similar electomonsterdeath in The Golden Child? Or was it Howard the Duck?

    Nothing beat the Disneyesque Id monster though. Terrifyingly cute.

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