View Poll Results: Which battery pack will you order for the Model S?

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  • 300 mile (480 km)

    93 53.76%
  • 230 mile (370 km)

    33 19.08%
  • 160 mile (260 km)

    26 15.03%
  • undecided/depends

    21 12.14%
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Thread: Poll on battery size.

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    Poll on battery size.

    We should do a poll on what battery size people are planning to buy.
    Of course the membership here is probably skewed but it may be interesting in any case.
    ( If somebody knows how to do a fancy poll that would be great. )
    Otherwise I will start:
    300 mile ( signature )

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    Lead Moderator Doug_G's Avatar
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    300 (sig)

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    500km (sig)

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    Model SP10/XP9 EU ZOE#47 EV_de's Avatar
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    230 miles = 370 kilometers is more than sufficient for me ....

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    I usually like to gather as much information as I can before making decisions. As a result, I usually make decisions close to the deadline in the event I learn a new piece of information. I'd like to test drive this vehicle and compare it to other vehicles that may be released in the intervening year. That said, I am leaning toward at least one of the 300 mi. I might get another of 230 miles... it depends. It also depends on whether I give up the roadster... which I am leaning towards at this point as well.

    ADDENDUM: Since this is a poll. I have ruled-out the 160 mile battery. These "ideal miles" are more like city miles. Where I live (Houston, TX) most driving is hwy miles. So I need that cusion. A 230 mile battery gives me the piece of mind to avoid range anxiety. I haven't experienced it yet, but if I were to miss a charge one night, and have only a 160 mi pack, then the next day, I would be nervous.
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    300, not because I need 300, but with the estimated battery life of 70-80% after 10 years I'll still have as much range as I need for my longer trips (~240 miles in a day). Based on what I can tell, there's almost zero chance batteries would increase capacity and reduce price sufficiently in just a few years to make it a better deal to get 230 and upgrade later.

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    160mi, but it will depend on pricing...

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    Living in Hawaii, I only need the 160 mile battery, but I have a signature so I get the 300 mile one.

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    300 (Sig)
    Roadster #1137 / P85 Sig #2120 traded in on a P85D #64765 delivered Jan 2015.
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