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Thread: Destination Charger - Holiday Inns

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    Destination Charger - Holiday Inns

    I'd like to take examples of Holiday Inns with destination chargers to my meeting with a local franchisee, to bolster the case for applying for one in our town.

    Got one near you I can talk to him about? Thanks...
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    We are having a big problem in WA state with the Holiday Inn here actively telling ICE's to park in Supercharger spots:

    So Holiday Inn may not be the best avenue to pursue in general, until they give a more EV-friendly message from their corporate office.
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    I am talking about destination charging- not SpC.

    Anyone else know of Holiday Inn with destination charging?

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    That's a nice idea. There are two in Texas, Holiday Inn Express in Garland and Amarillo.
    If you scan down the list of destination chargers you may find others-- they're listed alphabetically within each state.
    US Tesla Destination Charging | Tesla Motors

    You might also show them that Select Registry, a group of independently owned B&B and small inns, are doing this nationwide:
    Select Registry's Tesla and Electric Vehicle Charging
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    Quite a few Holiday Inns in NJ have L2/L3 charging, though not necessarily Tesla's Destination Charging specifically. Here are a few I've found on PlugShare (disclaimer -- I have neither stayed nor charged at any of these, I've just done a lot of PlugShare searching in NJ & Philly because I travel there frequently).

    Somerset NJ -- Holiday Inn | Franklin Township, NJ | Electric Car Charging Station | PlugShare
    Budd Lake NJ -- Holiday Inn | Mt Olive Township, NJ | Electric Car Charging Station | PlugShare
    Saddle Brook NJ -- Holiday Inn | Saddle Brook, NJ | Electric Car Charging Station | PlugShare
    West Philadelphia PA -- Crowne Plaza Philadelphia West Hotel | Philadelphia, PA | Electric Car Charging Station | PlugShare
    (That last one is a Crowne Plaza -- also part of IHG like Holiday Inn -- and is a Tesla Destination Charging partner.)

    In addition to TexasEV's link to Tesla's list -- which includes 7 Holiday Inns, 5 InterContinentals, 2 Candlewood Suites, 2 Crowne Plazas, and a Hotel Indigo (all IHG brands) -- you can also use (in your car or on your computer) and limit your search to hotels only in the settings.

    It might also be worth pointing out to the folks you're meeting with that many of their competitors are installing EV charging capabilities, although I only see a couple surrounding the Cleveland area at the moment.
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