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Thread: Before and After

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    Before and After

    After 12 years and Four models of BMWs 2003-745i, 2006-650i, 2010-650i and 2012- 650ix, the road has come to at least a temporary end for BMW. I had wanted to go with the i8 or possibly the i3. The limitation of these models to become an every day driver with performance was just not there. The threads in i8 and i3 forums clearly explain my decision to go from a fantastic 650ix to leave the fold to go with a P85D Tesla. The range on the Tesla is 255 miles (all electric) 691 HP and 680 ft/lb of torque. No sacrifice in left and right turns. A great choice.

    The BMW has a V8 rated at 400 hp 400 ft/lb of torque with dual turbos.
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    Nice upgrade. I've always liked the body styling of the 6 series.
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    I'll admit I've lost track of some of the options combinations from Tesla but (@pan) your signature includes 2 sound packages for your vehicle?
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    Congrats! You'll love it...

    I've had my share of Audi/BMW products in the past, and while they were all loads of fun to drive, the Tesla matches them all, plus the benefit of no gasoline. That alone has a value... it has been months since I visited a gas station for anything other than a cup of coffee.

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    I also left BMW a couple years ago. I never had the pleasure of owning a 6-series. Those are truly beautiful. But you're right. You can't even compare them anymore. Tesla, in those evening upgrades, has blown past every other car in the market IMHO. They just can't compete with the technology anymore. I know there are cars that are more comfortable than the S, but all in all I'd rather have the electric car and smile every time I pass a gas station. No more $70 fill ups!
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