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Thread: Hot Ferraris

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    Hot Ferraris

    This story is a bit old now, but the # of burning Ferrari Italia videos showing up on Youtube is staggering.

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    I agree that the photos and videos of burning dream cars is a little sad as an automotive enthusiast I shed a small tear. As long as no one gets hurt though material possessions can be replaced...I guess that since there is an open recall on some of these that Ferrari would be out a few cars.

    Quote Originally Posted by CNN
    Ferrari has been forced to recall its latest supercar after reports that several had burst into flames.
    The Italian carmaker revealed it had investigated five "thermal incidents" across the world involving its 458 Italia model, which was unveiled last year at the Frankfurt motor-show. No fatalities were reported.
    They discovered defects in the bonding adhesive used to attach the heat-shield to the wheel arch in each of the five cars. The heat-shield is designed to protect the wheel arch from the exhaust pipe, so if this "glue" melts then the wheel arch housing would be exposed to high temperatures.

    One of my favorite videos is still the flying Veyron

    In the CNN article they mentioned Thermal Incidents. I remember when I was a new Nissan tech there were still a few of the late 80s Z cars on the road that had the potential of thermal incidents from a failed fuel hose and a few bad seals. As the new guy I was the lucky one to get to do it. Thermal incident sounds much better than fire. People hate fires, but more than that the manufacturers fear being associated with fire.

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