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Thread: 17" Info- / Touchscreen

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    17" Info- / Touchscreen

    On this this site comparing three BEVs, it mentiones down the table:

    17-inch “infotainment” touchscreen (although this may not make it to production); 3G connectivity
    My understanding is, that the 17" is THE selling point. No?

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    Yes the way I see it without any sure sign either way is that they put so much design work into that 17'' and NO design work into a design without that screen they NEED that screen. They don't have any buttons to replace it with, and that's sort of the whole point.

    The fact that all of this is software controlled also means it's much easier to build into their remote control app.

    If this seems to be hard to do I can see them using a smaller screen or a bigger screen for that matter. But a in car terms big screen to software controll all HVAC etc functions is going to be a central theme of the Model S. Or so I believe anyway.


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    Eight months old. We have seen much since then.

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    Here is what was covered several months ago:

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdelta1000 View Post
    Here is what was covered several months ago:
    Oh, thanks for that. It answers some more questions I had like durability of the touch screen in an automotive environment. They see it as just a questions of choosing the right back lights, filter, polarizers and stuff and are pretty confident they can make it. Apparently, they've also look at other options like iDrive (BMW) style knobs but didn't like it. If I understood it correctly, they call the simplified GUI design for media interaction JFM. Just f#cking Music.
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    Wonder how Steve feels about flash making it into another car

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnOutsider View Post
    Wonder how Steve feels about flash making it into another car
    Some CEOs are known for throwing chairs around ...
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    The video shows how diligent Tesla Motors and it partners are being when it comes to the design of the "S".

    My feeling is that the Model S will cause other manufactures to re-evaluate their offerings and towards a Tesla Motors platform.

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    Here's another vision of in-car touchscreen with customizable layout and apps. Maybe Tesla will incorporate some of these ideas. From NY Times wheels blog.

    Car of the Future Could Include Personalized Dashboards

    Software companies could even add new applications, like weather widgets and traffic information, he explained. Nearly everything on the Cisco dashboard can be customized and personalized. In another example, Mr. Evans used different key fobs to invoke differently themed dashboard displays: for her, pastel backgrounds and personalized Pandora stations; for him, a racing-themed black-and-red dashboard with an oversized tachometer and radio display.

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    It would be real handy to be able to move the spedometer down an inch in the Roadster... you might actually be able to see how fast you're going.

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