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    Hi Everyone

    After a long wait ...finally picked my S85 on 10/18/14 at the Dallas Service Center

    This is a truly amazing car and I did not mind missing the auto pilot features...

    Things which bothered me a little:

    a. Sun visor was too small and almost had me blinded.

    b. Cup holders too small and I wish rear seats had better storage.

    c. I know this is really low tech but I wished the mirrors have blind spot mirrors in them ( I have GMC Acadia Denali and they have blind spot mirrors in built). Now that D version is introduced with auto pilot features I am sure none of the new owners would want this feature that I am suggesting.

    d. I wish the 17 inch screen played video in the park mode. My kids really miss watching Disney videos on that big screen.

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    Congrats on the new car!

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    Congrats! Cute kids

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    Quote Originally Posted by taurusking View Post

    This is a truly amazing car and I did not mind missing the auto pilot features...'re missing the autopilot features? I thought all cars delivered within the last few weeks were supposed to have these features already built in?

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    Congratulations and good to see that new owners now are complaining of just the things the very first owners complained of (sun visors, cup holders...)
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