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Thread: A new beginning...

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    Model S: VIN P 3552 gg_got_a_tesla's Avatar
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    A new beginning...

    After the unfortunate demise of our beloved S60 in late August, my wife and I recently finalized this configuration - delivery ETA is currently January 2015 as per the My Tesla Dashboard.

    Thanks much to many of you who've kindly inquired of my health; I've checked out okay but, am sitting on the bench, so to speak, for 6 months as far as driving's concerned. Needless to say, my wife's looking forward to having exclusive dibs on the 85D atleast for a couple of months early next year

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    Awaiting 85 kWh, Dual Motor AWD, Green, Pano Roof, Textile Seats, Piano Black trim, Tech Package with Autopilot, Dual Chargers, Subzero Package, Active Safety, Smart Air Suspension, 19" Wheels, ETA January 2015

    VIN P 3552 - 60 kWh with Supercharging, Green, Black Roof, Black Leather, Piano Black trim, Tech Package, Active Air Suspension, 19" Wheels, 28,343 miles, Delivered January 2013, RIP August, 2014

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    Congrats on your beauty and cheers to your health!

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    Congrats gg ! Looks like a nice car.
    Glad you're back and healthy.
    red 85 | tan interior | Delivered April 15 2014 | twin chargers | air suspension | tech package | 19" tires |

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    Oh, yay! I'm sure all the forumanifera here rejoice that gg'sgonnagetanother Tesla. But your route is definitely NOT the recommended path towards D-dom...
    Attention All Investors: Please THINK about what "Short-Sighted" Really Means!
    Attention All Travelers: If half the fun of going is a gettin' there, the other half of gettin' there is going. (GBok)

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    Green again! AWD and Weather package in sunny cali though? Plans on moving?

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    GG -- very nice. Is your interior all black, or just everything below the windows with a beige inside roof?
    Moved into serious planning for a Model S, emotional attachment to '02 MB 320 convertible is waning.....

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    Steppin' up to the 85D! Congrats on the new order.
    P1,491 - 85 kWh - multi-coat red, tan interior, obeche matte, black roof - air suspension, tech package - 19" wheels

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    Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining! Congratulations.
    Model S 85kW | Grey | Black Leather | Pano | Tech | Dual chargers | Parking | Fog | Subzero | HPWC
    2012 Silver Nissan Leaf SL | “The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.”

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    VISHY Lives again!!!
    SP-2823(sold), Tesla/Rav4EV, P+17252, XP-12

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    GG, glad to hear you are OK and will be back in the saddle shortly. Good choice with the 85D, I am sure you and your wife will be happy with the upgrades.
    85kWh - Green w/ Tan - Lacewood - Tech - Pano Roof - Air Suspension - Studio Sound - Delivery 6/7/13 Model X Resv. #12,007
    Blackvue 550GW - Lighted Front T - TSportline 19" Black Wheels - Suntek Matte Wrap & De-chromed thread
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