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Thread: Charging car battery on the move with wind power

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    Charging car battery on the move with wind power

    My son came to me today with one of the strangest and creative concepts on how to help charge an electric car with wind power to make it more efficient. He suggested that one could cut out "scoops" in the cars body that would aerodynamically channel air down a tunnel. Using a method similar to what dyson used in their bladeless fan called the Air Multiplier, you could amplify that airflow to spin an internal motor generator.

    The way he explained it to me, it would only be passive. That means the aerodynamics would assist cars efficiency and drive a highly efficient motor generator without causing drag. What are your opinions on this idea? Do you think its worth looking into?

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    1) There's no free energy.
    2) It will indeed cause increased drag.
    3) You will generate a fraction of the energy lost to the increased drag. (See #1).

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    As Tdave says, there is no free energy.

    One place where you can conceivably get some useful energy is to use this as an air brake (like the spoiler on the SLR). But it seems like a very complicated system for not much gain.
    Because there are tons of crazy people in this world...

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    ther is only one way we can use wind energy and that is if we are able to catch side or tail wind, but that is going to be to little to utilice

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    Hey Mark,

    A fan or several smaller fans can be placed up front to catch the some wind possible. just think about radiator fan or an ac condensor fan.

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    There was a such thing as sail cars. I don't know if this would be more effective or not, but i'm guessing it might work in a stiff enough wind. No wind, no dice.

    Here's a thought experiment:
    A 30 mph (50kph) headwind should produce enough energy to allow someone to travel 2-3 mph. and traveling 33 mph should be a marginal increase in drag.

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