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Thread: dual charger thoughts

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    dual charger thoughts

    Just a few thoughts on single charger vs dual charger. I was pretty confident about all the other options and never really questioned my choices, except the dual charger option. I decided against it when I ordered, then called to have it added and the Tesla rep explained why it was really not worth it. I ended up not adding it. In the first few days I was a little torn. Adding it later is so much more expensive.

    After 10k miles I can say I never missed the dual charger a single time. There has never been a moment where charging at 60 miles/h would have made any difference compared to 30 miles/h. There was one station that had a Tesla HPWC but I stopped there only to check out the place. Nowhere else could I find a charger capable of more than 10 kW. Every time I use a public charger at a mall or store or park or Disneyland or similar I'm not in a rush to drive anywhere so charge speed is not an issue at all anyways. Again none of them support more than 7 kW anyways.

    When I'm on road trips I use Superchargers. Nothing else cuts it. Even at 20 kW it takes way too long to charge when your goal is to keep moving.

    Overnight charging, which is the most common way to charge is well covered with a single charger. Worst case scenario would be coming home with a totally empty battery and then needing a range charge for the next day. It takes about 9 hours to do that on a single charger. No problem. My daily drive is a little over 100 miles so in my case I'm more than fine with the single charger in any case. I need about 3 hours to be covered.

    Yes, one can always come up with a scenario where a single charger wouldn't cut it. Just as much as one can come up with a scenario where a dual charger wouldn't be enough. My point is that even in heavy use like I do with 100 miles of daily driving, the 10 kW single charger is more than fast enough. For road trips the dual charger is way too slow, that's why there are Superchargers. The moments where the extra 10 kW are available and make a significant difference are not common. I'm not missing it at all. I will gladly spend the money on a CHADeMo adapter. I think that will help me out more as it will allow me to add a significant amount of charge quickly and those quickchargers are way more common than 80 amp capable L2 chargers. So the likelihood if being able to make use the CHaDeMo adapter vs dual charger are much higher.


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    Thank you for your post. When we ordered our Model S last week, the dual charger was the one option we were unsure about. Both the product specialist at the gallery and the owner advisor we talked to when we ordered said based on our driving habits, the dual was not necessary. Your post helps confirm that for us.

    BTW, where are the public chargers at Disneyland and what kind are they? We are frequent visitors.
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    That works in So. Cal. but having twin chargers cut four hours off of my last trip. Superchargers are few and far between and ChaDeMo chargers are just not available except in large cities throughout most of the country. I don't regret getting them.
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    The opposite is true in Canada where we have no Superchargers, but 70/80 amp L2 stations are everywhere. Most Canadian owners get the dual chargers.

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    I have not regretted not buying the dual charger. I will purchase the CHADeMO adapt. Driving from NC to Nashville or Chattanooga, TN is apiece of cake, with all the CHADeMO's at Cracker Barrel's.

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    Dual chargers is the one thing I removed from my initial order, thanks to TMC advice. I was also torn about the cost of adding it later, but it didn't take me long to understand how unnecessary it is and to feel comfortable with my decision. Chances are, the only time I would need to charge away from home is if I'm taking a trip, in which case I should have no problem planning a route with sufficient DC chargers.
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    I have the Dual Chargers, and they will be very useful for my trip from Pittsburgh to Syracuse in July, which has not a single SuperCharger on the entire route (yet). But I am staying at the Best Western in Syracuse, with its Suncountry C90 charger, and am thankful for my dual chargers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JakeP View Post
    I have the Dual Chargers, and they will be very useful for my trip from Pittsburgh to Syracuse in July, which has not a single SuperCharger on the entire route (yet). But I am staying at the Best Western in Syracuse, with its Suncountry C90 charger, and am thankful for my dual chargers!
    Since you are staying overnight, wouldn't a single charger be enough then? Unless you only sleep for 4 hours, overnight should be plenty of time to charge up.
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    Meh. The $1500 cost to add dual chargers up front seemed very nominal compared to the overall price of the car, especially when you compare that to the cost of 21" wheels or the air suspension. I figured with the low cost that even if I only needed them 1-2 times a year, I would be thankful that I went for the the dual chargers.
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    I've used my second charger about 6-8 times in the year I've owned the car, mainly on road trips...If you're okay with AC Level 2 charging of no more than 40 amps, then you probably don't need to get the second charger option...But for those of us who are always trying to push the charging envelope, I'm glad I ordered it...

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