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Thread: Delivery of my P85+

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    Delivery of my P85+

    Did testdrive the P85+ in September as one of the first in Sweden. Did order the car in the end of September. During the ten days to confirm I went from S85 all the way to a maxed out P85+... Confirmation early October. Very long wait and on 23th or March I finally got the car. delivery at the Täby mall in Stockholm, Sweden. Happy to note that the car did come with the electric mirrors and alcantra inner roof. Did not get the red calipers but actually look really good with black calipers and the gray wheels. Very happy with the car. Get ton of attention all the time. Was sitting and eating lunch and had the car parked in view. 70% of the people passing by turned heads, stopped to look etc. Funny as swedes are usually a bit reserved. Also get attention every time I park somewhere. People asking questions. I do come from being a BMW freak. My last car was a white BMW 1M, one of the funniest cars on the planet to drive. My model S is faster, got nearly as good handling, more comfortable even on 21" compared to 19" on the BMW. I never thought I would change from BMW or even less likely to a car from the US. This speaks for itself I think... P85+ is the perfect family car, grand tourer, super sportscar and supergreen car all in one... I truly recommend buying one ASAP! sure there are details that can improve like the seats, water in the brakelights etc but there are no dealbreakers... Go buy!!! Love the car!!! My wife thinks Im unfaithful out driving it... she is right I am but with a car... Did attach a couple of pictures I took by the Uppsala castle in sweden. it was before 5.9 so the car is in standard height rather than low. Did not plan the pictures but took them when driving around with the family. Planning to tint the windows dark and also use the same windows tint on the chrome to make the chrome black chrome. Will be done in 2 weeks. After that i will not do anything more on the car.
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    Congrats, very nice pics! Please update your avatar with one of these pictures.
    Ordered my Metallic Grey S85 with tech package, air suspension, parking sensors, winter package on 2014-01-17, VIN 34491, expected delivery in May.

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    Awesome!!! We need more Teslas in Sweden. I saw my first one at the public charger 1 week ago in
    central Sundsvall. Such a beautiful car! Stort grattis säger jag bara!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hybris View Post
    P85+ is the perfect family car, grand tourer, super sportscar and supergreen car all in one...
    ^^^^ This is the best description ever! Congratulations Hybris, enjoy your new car!

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    We BMW types fall hard when we fall, don't we?

    I could not agree more with the OP.

    Enjoy your new girl and I can confirm that this type of cheating will not dramatically affect your marriage. However, it will have a dramatic impact on your wallet (marriage will require MS #2 for your wife).
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    White/Tan S85 18201 ordered 7.26 delivered 9/2/12 (accident damage 12/12). Replacement White/Tan S85 delivered 3/5/14

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    Congrats, Hybris! So happy that your long wait is over.
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    Congrats, Hybris! I recall some of the ups and downs that you went through during your wait for the car but, as you noted, it's indeed worth it!

    Wonderful pics too. All the places sound familiar thanks to Dragon Tattoo
    VIN P 3552 - 60 kWh with Supercharging, Green, Black Roof, Black Leather, Piano Black trim, Tech Package, Active Air Suspension, 19" Wheels, Firmware v5.9 (1.51.94), 22,000+ blissful miles since January 2013!

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    Congratulations! Does Sweden have incentives for EVs just like Norway?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMN View Post
    Congratulations! Does Sweden have incentives for EVs just like Norway?
    Heh. Nobody has EV incentives like Norway.

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    Congrats! We have very similar vehicles. No plus on mine p, though.
    P85 | MC Red | Tan Performance Interior | Carbon Fiber Accents | Carbon Fiber Spoiler | 21" Grey Wheels | Leather Accents | Fuzzy Headliner Stuff

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