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Thread: Mother of all News: Delivery completed and Joined the Haves

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    Mother of all News: Delivery completed and Joined the Haves

    Friends, I am delighted to let all of you know that I got my black beauty on 5-Mar. I named her Stela. I have a feeling that it is most common name for Tesla since it is re-ordering of the TESLA letters. It is a delight to drive it. In fact there are two types of persons. One who drive Tesla and other who don't. I have changed groups and now am part of the Haves. I am still learning about the car and will keep you updated with my experiences and also let you all know if I encounter any issue. I have the big Tesla grin Many a times I pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming and that Stela is really home. Cheers, Amit
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    Gratis man. I'm quite jealous.

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    Damn you autocorrect.

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    Congrats Amit. I've been following your enthusiasm for quite some time. Enjoy her!
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    The countdown is on. 35 hour until my delivery appointment.
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    My father was (still is) a car nut and whenever he got a new car (in the 50s & 60s) he named it either Stella or Sophia. Great name Amit! I'll probably go with Sophia given Stela (Stella?) is already taken...
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    I chose , Eleanor. My S is Metallic Grey

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    Congrats... I just got mine a couple of weeks ago also. I went used though since I found an unbelievable deal on a loaded P85. Name:  IMG_20140215_145751.jpg
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    Pics or it didn't happen!
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