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Thread: Firmware 5.8.4

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    5.8.4 and nothing new yet.
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    5.8.4 and no clock for me (yet).
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    Mod Note: some posts went to the start the new thread for discussion on the latest Firmware-5-8-6

    (P.S. no need for lots of posts saying you don't have it yet. Thanks!)
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    Had some oddball touchscreen glitches today.

    My wipers were in "service mode" overnight so they could properly thaw out in my garage. Get in the car in the morning, press the pedal and put it into Reverse, and they're still sitting there. So I flip the wiper stalk. They wipe up, and down again. Just when I think I can drive off, they pop back into the service position again. WTF?

    So I bring up the touch screen, hit Controls, then Settings, then Service Mode Off. The button doesn't move. Huh? Tap a few more times, try tapping other buttons... that's when I realize that the screen has frozen - that's a first! I've had it crash and reboot before, but not once did it ever simply freeze! Reboot fixed that.

    Some hours later I get into the car to run an errand. I felt a rush of cold air. Huh? I left the system on a custom setting but with HEAT not A/C! The temperature dials are now on LOW. Definitely wasn't like that when I parked! Dialed it up to a normal temperature and all is back to normal.

    Weirdness... haven't had a glitch in ages, but two in one day!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug_G View Post
    Weirdness... haven't had a glitch in ages, but two in one day!
    Gotta keep you on your toes, Doug!

    Have you given your App access code out to anybody? Maybe someone is messing with you?
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