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Thread: Tesla in Australia?

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    Melbourne Australia
    Just booked my flights - I arrive Tues at 1:25. Agree we should meet up.

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    Sample from the chat:

    Name:  WhatsApp Tesla HK sample.png
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    If you get annoyed by notifications, you can turn it off and just check the group manually (as it gets more busy). You can also make custom sounds so that different groups (or persons) have different sounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidRM View Post
    As for the silver Sig spotted in Manly, my original silver sig was on the boat when the October upgrade was ordered, so I understood it was to become a demonstrator. A new car was built, so the Manly car could be my original one. If it is, it should have Cyclone 19 inch wheels, white upholstery and pano, but I couldn't tell from the photo whether the Manly one has those things. Can't even tell whether it has Turbines or Cyclones.
    I have one other photo of it too that I didn't post, but also not a great photo and can't tell definitively about the roof or upholstery, but it does sound reasonably likely to be "yours".

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    Recommend that you send Linda an e-mail if you have not yet received an invitation to the Launch Event.
    She sent one to me manually and I got the impression that they should have been received by all relevant people by now.
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    I received an invitation from Linda this afternoon.

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    I got the invite and have RSVP'd via the website. Had a work trip planned to Melbourne on that date so will fly up for the event. For once Tesla, your timing is perfect : )

    I'll be arriving just before the event (around 6) but would still love to catch up with the TMCers.
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    Well after a lot of negotiating and organising, I have the afternoon of the 9th off and permission to abandon the family! See you all in Sydney! Woohoo!

    Also, looks like I might have a spare +1. PM me if interested.

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    Flights&accommodation booked! Look out Sydney the Griswolds are on en route!

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    You guys will need to look out for my wife and her friend. I'll need to live vicariously through Twitter and WhatsApp.

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