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Thread: Tesla in Australia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by meloccom View Post
    I have just checked the Australian Model S configurator and there are no additional extras available.
    In the US they seem to be including them at no charge - for now.
    The first AU Signature cars do not have the additional sensors but its anyone's guess if the next batch of AU cars will have them.


    Looks like they are being fitted to all US vehicles from now. Speed-Assist-and-Lane-Departure-Warning Post771398
    I couldn't see the items on the US website either. Thinking about it, I wouldn't pay extra for them. I've got them on a Benz and a BMW and they are no big deal. And I don't want to delay the build. If they come, they come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteStar View Post
    Being safety features, it would be logical to enable them in all cars with the new hardware, for no cost.
    Yes, I agree. Elon wants it to be the safest car on the road, no safety equipment has ever been an added cost option.
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