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    I know the underbody is the battery cover but does anyone know what it is made of? With winter around the corner the salt trucks will be out soon. I don't want to take my Model S through a car wash but during the winter time I would like to clean the underbody of all the salt. I was wondering how the the underbody will withstand the salt exposure? Has anyone had an issues with washing the underbody through the car wash?

    And yes will move to the south as soon as I can so I don't have to worry about this problem!

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    It is made from cast aluminum. Should have no problem in the salt.
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    I wash the underbody routinely. No issues yet. Lots of salt here. I wash two or three times a week in the winter.

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    If you can, I would avoid the car washes that spray the underside of the car, based on ICE experience. It may not matter for us, but you would be basically be spraying salt water into places it may not have a chance to get naturally. For the steel components of an ICE, thats spells disaster. Water collecting above a fuel tank and rusting it from the top is one example.

    The water in most if not all of those car washes is filtered and recycled. Sediment is removed, but salt dissolves.

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