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Thread: Ultimate Urban Electric Vehicle: 606 MPGe Rover

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    Ultimate Urban Electric Vehicle: 606 MPGe Rover

    One badass scooter.

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    At the heart of theRover is a highly advanced electric powertrain that delivers unprecedentedpower for it's size, allowing for exhilarating acceleration and a robust topspeed. With a remarkably low center of gravity and near 50/50 weightdistribution, the Rover also offers exceptional control and agility. Thiscombined with the masterfully hand welded aluminum construction makes for adrive quality that must be experienced to believe.


    The Rover utilizesan innovative latching system that enables the front end to be folded in amatter of seconds. When folded the Rover takes up significantly less space thana bicycle. It can fit in elevators, under office desks and in the trunk spaceof most cars. The Rover can also be stored and recharged safely indoors.

    Through the use ofthe optional seat attachment the Rover can also be ridden in a seated position,which is great for longer trips. Housed at the base of the seat attachment is ahighly advanced locking mechanism that permits effortless installation and removalof the attachment, and makes for easy switching between riding styles.

    Other Key Feature Include:

    • Hand built at ourshop in Portland, OR, with most parts and materials sourced locally ornationally.
    • Battery regeneratingbrakes and a fuel economy equivalent of 606 MPGe.
    • Folding front endfor easy storage and transport.
    • Smartphone cradle.
    • LED headlights andtaillights.
    • Front and rearconvenience handles.
    • Durable andlightweight all aluminum construction.
    • All weather capable.
    • Fluid-free andemission-free design, allowing it to be stored safely indoors.
    • Highest power toweight ratio of any production vehicle in its class.
    P85. VIN05837. Mileage (04/11/14): 44,500mi , Black | Tan Leather | Perf Seats | Obeche Glossy | 19" std rims | Goodyear | Pano | Tech | Sound Studio | Air Susp | Spoiler | Parcel Shelf | Twin Chargers | HPWC | Fog | Extended Trim | Alcantara | Premium Lighting, Aftermarket: XPEL Ultimate PPF | 3M Crystalline 40% | Madico Charcool 20%

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    Do want!!!

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