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Thread: Disgust With Seeking Alpha - Post Your Censored Comments

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    Disgust With Seeking Alpha - Post Your Censored Comments

    I originally signed up with seeking Alpha a few years to contact an article author regarding predatory lending. - Funny was he never got back to me... Maybe it was a sign...

    Anyways, I got involved in Tesla and ended up commenting on an article. From there my email has been flooded with negative valuations of TSLA stock. I would say that on average I receive 8 or 9 negative articles for every 1 or two positive positions. But quite frankly, I could care less whether or not the article is positive or negative.

    I care for substance. Substance built upon a foundation of facts. Most seeking alpha articles are opinion masquerading as facts. They are poorly written as they lack what I call the 30,000 foot view of things. Instead they focus upon half truths on one specific idiosyncrasy that a car manufacture faces as they build and market automobiles.

    Even worse is the fact that the "editors" over at Seeking Alpha censor out any comments which put a knife through the heart of their moot articles. They've censored my comments so many times, I've confused them with the Chinese Government.

    The fact is that if they are swaying investing but censoring comments, they don't have integrity. I understand censoring for calling someone something vulgar. But to be censored for stating that someone has bad facts is ridiculous. Am I really personally attacking the author? I'd love your opinion.

    Anyways, I've decided to post my last censored comment. I will continue to post comments to Seeking Alpha until they ban me. Feel free to post your censored comments...
    SA Article: Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA): Tesla: As Competition Intensifies, Its Valuation Is Fraught With Risk - Seeking Alpha

    What was the point of this article? the iPhone brought down Blackberry. Who has brought out a PURE ev with the range of a Tesla? - No one. Vaporware from china certainly does not count. When BYD makes a car that has the range of a Tesla and can pass US crash regulations and starts selling them, then you can count them as a TSLA competitor. Until then its vapor ware. The fact is that there is no disrupter to Tesla at the moment. Hybrids don't count as Tesla isn't going to sell hybrids. When a pure EV with Tesla range makes it to market, this article will be relevant. Until then, It appears you are only trying to bring down the stock price with irrelevant information. Given the flood of negative articles from Seeking Alpha about Tesla that I receive in my inbox, I can only assume most of the Tesla Shorts reside on this site. I have written many lucid comments such as this one only to have them removed for "Personal Attacks" and violating Seeking Alpha's comment "rules". It seems seeking alpha only allows comments that bash tesla or prop up the outlandish claims made by seeking alpha's tesla haters.
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    I'm of the opinion that many sites like this are at their core, fronts for advertisers. I imagine the customers of those advertisers aren't very happy with the success of someone like Tesla, among other things. The more I'm poke around the net, the more I value of opinion of an individual than the opinions I read on aggregate sites of one sort or another...

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    SeekingAlpha is not a serious website so probably not worth wasting a lot of time there.
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