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Thread: Cross Country Rally to TMC Connect 2014

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    Ok, not 100 % official yet, but if I can get off work we will join ! The Tampa to Washington trip went so well that my wife is all in now for any trip in the Tesla (and she is finally changing her mind to want a Tesla instead of an Audi, not good for my wallet....). I guess there won't be enough progress on the SC network that we could go more diagonal, so most likely we will make another "one day trip" from Tampa to Washington and meet you guys up there.

    Brit4864 KNOCK KNOCK are you in ? Or will we win this time the longest trip ??
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    Join in the new planning thread in this forum..... When you decide to come, use the same email as the DC event and let me know you're coming - send your info!

    Us east coasters will be departing from Newark, DE!

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