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Thread: Model S charge connector in UK / Free Chargers

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    Model S charge connector in UK / Free Chargers


    Does anyone know if the connector type for the Model S in the UK has been confirmed yet. J1772 or something else?

    The reason I want to know now is that I am planning on taking advantage of one of the free home charger install offers going at the moment. I am keen to get a charger with a tethered lead so its just a case of driving up and plugging in rather than getting a cable out of the car. To do this I need to be sure I have the right connector.


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    It has been announced that the Model S in Europe (and the UK) is a "Type 2" connector, aka "Mennekes" connector.

    Here's a photo of it (a suspected prototype version, but still)

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    photo credit goes to doug

    Charlie -

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    UK EV buying progress/installations

    Done this already here Alan with a photo of my installed Type 2 charger there also.

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