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Thread: Rear negative camber affecting Model S range? Please weigh in!

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    Rear negative camber affecting Model S range? Please weigh in!

    I know lolachampcar has detailed how rear negative camber in the Model S affects tire wear (amazing job documenting this BTW). I however would like to have a discussion on how it affects range. If you were able to change the camber to +0.5 instead of -1.5 how much range would you gain?

    I have just seen an example on the interweb of an substantial decrease in rolling resistance just by making the camber positive. In other words the car rolls farther when coasting with the engine off (like a kids box car race).

    Less rolling resistance increases range. How much range is gained is the question. I think this could add up to a surprising amount over 250 miles of driving. If one were willing to test camber vs. range perhaps watt-hours per mile on the same route at the same speed would be a good measure.

    Please weigh in! Lolachampcar would have some good insights on the possibilities. Hopefully this hasn't been discussed to ad nauseam, but this could be very fruitful none the less. Especially for drivers who need to squeeze out the extra range.

    Let the speculation begin!

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    Camber has a minimal effect on rolling resistance. Toe in or out on the other hand...

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    Toe has the biggest effect on range, camber is minor if any.
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    I agree completely with drees and jerry. We would take toe out at Daytona to (dramatically) improve top speed. We had to take camber out to keep from having the tires delaminate but this did not affect top speed (rolling resistance) much. If anything, you may actually be just a tad bit faster in a straight line with the camber but do not hold me to that (never tested the theory as the body damage from a tire flailing around was too dangerous).
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    Had pumped up tires a few days ago into max territory. This am sunny side was 51 lbs and west side was 48/49. So good to go under new paradigm. Surprisingly there was no apparent increased harshness in the ride going down the hard clay & gravel local road. On highway there was no increase in crack-slapping or other irritants. Kudos: air suspension! This with OEM Goodyears 19 inch just now being used on the car for the first time.

    With old-fashioned tires if you did this you would definitely feel & hear the increased harshness. I'm clueless but loving it.

    Model_S range is just going crazy in the warm weather and with these high pressures. The only time the curve starts to rise is when I'm actually climbing a grade. On the 'level', setting CC @65 doesn't much break the rated range line. With this new efficiency I should be able to hit the Big City 150 miles away and get by with just a 2 hour charge (30A@200V) instead of the usual 4+ hours. I'm loving it.

    Could be the moving parts are all broken in now & running smoother after 7,000 miles.

    Toe errors of course will show up immediately as 'feathering' tire wear, so this cannot be a hidden situation for long!

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