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Thread: New all-solid sulfur-based battery outperforms lithium-ion technology ?

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    New all-solid sulfur-based battery outperforms lithium-ion technology ?

    I know there are a ton of battery claims weekly but this one sounds interesting ... Anyone who can weigh in on the Validity of this article?

    curious if the process to make these batteries would be cheap when scaling? would be great to turn by product of oil into a Grid storage Device.

    New all-solid sulfur-based battery outperforms lithium-ion technology | Earth | EarthSky

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    New battery announcements come out daily. Unfortunately the vast majority never come to anything. The reason is that a battery technology has to optimize many things at one time:

    • high storage capacity
    • high power delivery
    • long cycle life
    • long calendar life
    • sufficient temperature range
    • low weight and bulk
    • safety
    • manufacturability

    Many new battery technologies optimize one of these items at the expense of another.

    Also even if a new battery chemistry were discovered that really was suitable in all of these areas, it would still take many years to come to fruition commercially.

    Still, the more possibilities that are found, the more likely we are to discover something radically better. Hopefully this, or something else, will amount to something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blakegallagher View Post
    I know there are a ton of battery claims weekly but this one sounds interesting ... Anyone who can weigh in on the Validity of this article?
    Solid state li-ion get way higher power density then regular li-ion. And solid state generally last longer. Problem with it - it is expansive to manufacture.

    Li sulfur got way greater specific energy then any li-ion... Problem with it - a very rapid degradation.

    Is claim that solid state Li sulfur got 4x better specific energy then li-ion and last at least 300+ cycles valid? I would say rather yes, it is very believable. But I would be skeptical about manufacturability at reasonable price. May be this chemistry would find it market for high power/high density applications, like military, top end smartphones... If it could be produced cheaply, that would be a miracle, but again, I'm skeptical about that one.
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    I found some months ago this publication here. Nanoparticle Enables World Record for Energy Storage in Batteries - IEEE Spectrum

    Maybe the same approach. If somebody what to have the original publication I have it. I can send it to people they are interested in.

    My dream is a battery with sulfur cathode material (3-4x higher capacity) and with silicon anode (2-3x higher capacity). The silicon anode is also in development.
    That cell would push up EVs in higher ranges as ICEs can.

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