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Thread: Car Wash for your Tesla at TESLIVE

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    I would need a wash as well.

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    I'd be in as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gg_got_a_tesla View Post
    They get my vote too. They routinely "wash" Model S's and are engaged by Tesla Menlo Park as well from time to time.

    When I spoke with them about coming to my workplace, they said that they could do that if there are going to be atleast 20 cars getting a wash. The "Body Conditioning" option they have - it includes full exterior cleaning, interior vacuum and window cleaning - costs $29.99.
    These guys are great. I pay $55 monthly for the VIP program which allows me to bring in the car during the week any time I want and they will clean the outside. I drive up in the VIP lane and even if they're busy, one or more guys working on other cars will stop temporarily and do my car so that I'm in and out in less than 15 min. I do this on average once a week so my car always looks spot clean and shiny.

    They wash a lot of Model Ses, but I've seen many Ferrari, Maserati, and other exotics their as well.

    They are a start-up, just opened their 2nd location in San Francisco and are looking to franchise their business. Their system is the future of car wash, folks, highly recommended.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kipernicus View Post
    Waterless process using some special solution they have.
    Not quite waterless. From their website: "Essentially it is water with plant-derived chemicals. "

    If your car is pretty dirty, I'd be concerned that there's not enough liquid to carry the dirt away without scratching. Note they say: "We recommend you to use more product and replace your microfiber towels often."

    If you're washing your car frequently, it sounds fine.

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    Add me to the car wash list please
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    That is eleven.

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    We are in also.

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    Add me to the list...and trust that it is not 'waterless' and won't scratch the paint. Can they handle 13 cars on Saturday???
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    Quote Originally Posted by JPP View Post
    Add me to the list...and trust that it is not 'waterless' and won't scratch the paint. Can they handle 13 cars on Saturday???
    Do Roadsters count as entire cars? Maybe it takes 2 Roadsters to make 1 Model S....
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    Quote Originally Posted by adiggs View Post
    Do Roadsters count as entire cars? Maybe it takes 2 Roadsters to make 1 Model S....
    I've found the two cars take about the same amount of time to wash, at least with the Pano roof. Pretty much the entire roof of the Model S with Pano is glass, and it's really easy to wash the glass parts. In contrast the Roadster has lots of finicky bits.
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