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Thread: HPWCs at public locations as a bridge to Super Chargers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregincal View Post
    The contention was that Tesla should have HPWCs for people to use instead of the Superchargers for the last bit of charge since it charges slowly. Installing HPWCs at supercharger sites is the topic of the thread. I don't see the sense of doing that.
    Given that Tesla seems to be planning on installing 4 plugs per SuperCharger in the future, they probably think it's more effective to continue down that route rather than install a couple of HPWCs. Of course, Roadster owners or other J1772 EV owners may feel differently than Model S owners, but Tesla seems content to let other companies handle Level 2 charging, especially since intsalling ~20 kW HPWCs is fairly contradictory to their master plan of high speed charging with no compromises.

    Heck - get 6 plugs on a SuperCharger, each one capable of a minimum of 20 kW. Then you've got worst case the same power as a HPWC, 3 times as many plugs per SuperCharger as you have now and you significantly reduce the issue of people hanging out too long tying up plugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by efusco View Post
    It might not be worth the trouble, but it might actually help facilitate future SuperCharger expansion if Tesla temporarily installed HPWCs at the future proposed sites for Superchargers. It would act as a "something is better than nothing" option for those of us in areas who don't have a supercharge planned for 2-4 years from now. They could also collect valuable usage data to help plan/adjust the number and location of those future Superchargers.

    Commercial businesses could in expensively start getting an idea about the impact of hosting a charger as well. Finally, Tesla could advertise their "charger network" coverage area much more effectively.

    For those of us impatient for better high speed charging, a HPWC would be a very welcome temporary option while awaiting completion of the Supercharger network and cost to Tesla to do this would be pretty negligible with the potential for increased profits in these more rural areas without the charging network those in more metropolitan areas enjoy.

    Evan, Via Tapatalk
    Evan, I am also stuck in an area without Super Chargers for at least a few years and like your idea of using the HPWC as a temporary fix. In the event that there is insufficient support from Tesla or even to augment your proposal, I would like to suggest another idea that could be implemented in a relatively short time.

    We, like many, didn’t need a HPWC but we purchased one to reciprocate to other Tesla owners. We listed our HPWC on but when using this web site it is difficult to find Tesla owners who have a HPWC. Therefore, I think a TMC sponsored “data base” would make Tesla owners more comfortable in sharing their plug-in with others. When Tom Saxton created the Model S survey I was amazed at how quickly owners responded. I realize that this is entirely different but I believe it could be designed with information that essentially tells searchers what type of plug-in might be sharable, in what city and a TMC private message address to contact.

    Of course there has to be ways to make as many Tesla owners as possible aware of this data base. Would Tesla be willing to send out an email to every Tesla owner?

    - - - Updated - - -

    "I got in touch with a B&B up in Door County, WI and they noted that they would consider it. Also, there's a hotel in WI Dells that is thinking of putting one in (either one of these would get you to UP from IL"

    "Of course, private parties could install them as well (fellow Tesla owners), and I know of at least one case where this is happening (a friend of mine)".

    As a former Wisconsinite and now a sometime traveler throughout the state your comments above are most appreciated. I am visiting Florence, WI in July and the local Utility Commission has promised me a EV station next to the B&B. When I find out the exact type of receptacle and power I will share this information, and other B&B and restaurant details via and postings here on TMC.

    Currently I can’t find any charge stations north of Wausau and I’m hoping to reach Canada’s SCH in the future via NE WI to Sault St. Marie.

    Incidentally, I haven’t found any Wisconsinites on with a HPWC… thus my posting to Evan regarding a TMC sponsored “data base”.

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    We (Marshall Auto Body) are in the process of installing an outdoor HPWC and level 2 charging station at our location in Waukesha Wisconsin. We are just off I-94 on Bluemound Road. We also will be generating most of our power from a large solar array on the roof which will shortly also be under construction. We will try to get listed on the various location search sites as well as letting folk know here and through our website.

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