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Thread: WInd and Solar Tax Breaks

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    WInd and Solar Tax Breaks

    The "bailout" bill has some great news for Solar and Wind buyers.


    Quote, "Solar power, far less economically viable than wind turbines, had the
    most to gain from the bill. The expiring incentives allowed homeowners to claim
    an investment tax credit for 30% of the cost of a new solar installation, but capped
    it at $2,000. The new law, written into the financial rescue bill, extends the 30%
    credit for eight years and, more importantly, eliminates the cap. That means that
    on a $27,000 residential solar system of 3.2 kw, a homeowner could take nearly $9,000
    off his taxes the first year."

    From this page:


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    This is awesome and all (even better news: electric and plug-in cars will get up to a $7,500 tax credit) but the bailout bill isn't really the place for all this. Well, at least they're passing some good stuff finally.
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