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Thread: Centralia Supercharger found!

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    Centralia Supercharger found!

    I was inspired by TurboFroggy to look for electrical permits. I found this just now on the L&I website.


    Summary: A D K Electric Inc applied for an electrical permit (on 5/16/13) on behalf of Tesla to install 10 electric car charging stations at 1200 Lum Road, Centralia (you were right v12)
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    Excellent job. So that's 2 down

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    Nice find. Wow, 10 stations will be a sight to see!
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    Wow. I looked at the L&I permits yesterday afternoon for the area and it wasn't listed yet.

    You made my day!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Discoducky View Post
    Nice find. Wow, 10 stations will be a sight to see!
    I wonder how many will be put in in the first install. I hope at least 4.

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    Great find! I am glad I inspired some sleuthing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnOutsider View Post
    Excellent job. So that's 2 down
    The other?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Puyallup Bill View Post
    The other?
    Normal, IL, I guess.
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    Nice job finding that!

    Bummer it's not within walking distance of a park - would have loved to have had it next to Burgerville and Riverside park, but I'll take what I can get.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gg_got_a_tesla View Post
    Normal, IL, I guess.
    Yup. tesla is going to have to keep adding more if they want to stay ahead of TMC

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