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Thread: Tesla Model S needed for TV shoot in Racine, WI

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    Tesla Model S needed for TV shoot in Racine, WI

    Modine Manufacturing Company is very proud to be the supplier of the battery chiller on the Tesla Model S. We will be shooting a production video on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at our corporate headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin and would very much like to feature a Tesla Model S in the video. The video will be aired on television during the summer as part of a series relating to green technology. We have spoken with Tesla about this request and they are supportive. Unfortunately, though, due to the limited number of vehicles available at each dealer, they cannot provide a vehicle to us for the day. Are there any Tesla Model S owners out there in the SE Wisconsin or northern Illinois area who would be willing to provide your vehicle to us for a limited time on May 23rd? If so, please contact Francesca DeGlopper at [email protected]. Thank you!

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    Did you shoot this video? If not and need a local Tesla, send me a message. I'm in Milwaukee.

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