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Thread: J1772 to Model S extension cord?

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    J1772 to Model S extension cord?

    I found that there are lots of Chargepoint J1772 parking spaces over here where you have to park in head-first, diagonally.

    However that places the J1772 charger in front of the car, which is great for Leaf & Volt, but not for MS.

    With the Chargepoint chargers, head-first parking means the cable just barely reach the back, but you have to park to within 2" of the curb, which is a mission in itself. (Even PDC won't help for that).

    Instead a 5 foot extension cord would come in really handy.

    I found a place that would make a J1772 extension cord (, but ideally I would like it if one side has the J1772 end, and the other side the (lockable) Tesla Model S end. Any idea where I can buy one, or can get one made?
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    Sounds like several solutions would work:

    - J1772-to-J1772 extension, then plug the extension into the standard Tesla Converter on your car

    - J1772-to-Tesla extension
    you'd not need the converter

    - Tesla-to-Tesla extension, then plug the extension into the standard Tesla Converter at the end
    this one seems hardest as the connectors are only available (presumably) to Tesla, proper.
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    Here is what I did: I needed a solution to drive to Austin from Dallas for the TX Franchise hearings. Solution? Talk with hotels. The manager said all hotels want to book you, even if you need a 220Volt plug to use. I built a 6-3 SOO cable that the Tesla cable plugs into, then you have 4 connector options for whatever the Hotel (charging station) has. I used their 30Amp AC plug. My local electrical house was cheaper than Home Depot, and they had more parts. Make sure to get a weather-proof connector plug for your cable (or make sure both cables fit through your window.) Look at the attached adapter guide when shopping for parts. Show them these pictures and say you need the bottom 4 plugs. Here are my cables and how it looks coming out of the Hotel:Name:  HotelConnector.jpg
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    Another possibility is a J1772 to NEMA 14-50R box. Roadster owners were using those with their UMC before better adapters were available. With such a box and your UMC you'll get the combined length of the change station and your UMC cable.

    Roadster owners and/or various EV support web sites will have them. (I have one.)

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    Check out these folks. They might have what you want or perhaps will fabricate.
    And they market the cord mentioned by jaanton, previous post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Puyallup Bill View Post
    Check out these folks. They might have what you want or perhaps will fabricate.
    And they market the cord mentioned by jaanton, previous post.
    Wow, these guys (modularevpower) might be our source for ChaDeMo adapters someday! I would buy....

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