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    That is very good news! They have installed Superchargers in both Hyatt Hotels in the UK, along with the world's first Valet charging(!) in the London Hyatt, so there is a good bet that you'll find a couple hiding down in the car park on the 8th Sept...
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    Hi, J1mbo: I hope your guess is right! However the hotel curb itself is located underground connected via circular tunnel (left in the pic), and it is definitely not very big.
    Somebody's blog. You can see some big lighted holes in the far back, those are actual mechanical partings of the hotel. Ferraris and Porches will park on the ground, other normal cars go to mechanical parking and disappear! Hope Teslas stay on the ground... So if Tesla has Superchargers on the ground it's going to be a significant space commitment for Tesla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiroshiy View Post
    Just received an official invitation letter from Tesla for the launch and party.

    - The launch date is September 8th (Monday)
    - Gallery will be open to reservation holders and maybe some press?, at Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View, which is on the 52nd floor(!!)
    - After that, the launch party will be held at Grand Hyatt Tokyo, next to Tokyo City View, 3F ball room
    - There will be some first delivery cars, available to pick up (that means those cars will be in B1F, hotel car entrance)
    - Elon Musk will hand the keys to the owners(!!)
    - Supercharger will be "unveiled" (sorry! that's what the letter said in Japanese! didn't understand what it means - it might mean that they show non-working equipment on display, or they've decided to put one in Grand Hyatt Tokyo, or show a picture of Supercharger under construction somewhere in Japan? just my wild guess)

    That's it! Hope Tesla contacted a lot of media to cover this event; until now, Japanese media seemed to be very reluctant to deliver Tesla related information. There are so many obstacles here in Japan for Model S such as size, apartment charging, but I believe the public will understand and overcome those. Model S is such a great car.

    This is great news, Hiroshi! You must be very excited to finally get your Model S. Can't wait to see them running around Japan on my next trip there (hopefully next year)!
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