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Thread: Solar happenings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reykjavik View Post
    It has the benefit of continuing to generate power after the sun goes down. With some designs at least, it takes longer to get going in the morning, but continues into the night. The morning isn't a particularly high demand time anyway, and electricity use continues from the mid afternoon peak well into the evening. Definitely something to keep an eye on, along with grid storage, and wind, which picks up more at night.
    Although the plant mentioned in this thread actually doesn't have that capability.

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    Solar happenings

    I've had solar panels on my roof since Jul 2012. They covered 99% of my electricity usage until adding the Leaf in Jul 2013, but still cover most of my usage. My parents invited me to the local Sierra Club meeting on Friday where Cromwell Solar from Lawrence, KS was announcing a new leasing program.

    Residential | Cromwell Environmental

    I believe this is the first leasing program available in Kasnas and it has very favorable terms. They worked with a small town bank to provide the financing. Basic details are no money down, 15 year lease with payments approximately what the savings on your electricity bill are, buyout at the end of the term is just another year's worth of payments.

    Obviously, anyone interested would need to look at the nitty gritty details, but this sounded like a fantastic lease agreement. In addition to providing the name of the local installer that I used (King Solar), I'll definitely be pointing anyone that asks about my solar system to them, even though Cromwell solar is located 160 miles away. They said this program would be supported anywhere in the state of Kansas.

    Forgot to mention that the major tie-in to Sierra Club was a per-install donation to the local Sierra club chapter. Additionally, they were giving out some LED bulbs and energy audit, but unclear on the length of that part of the offer. Mention the Sierra Club if you contact them about their leasing program.

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