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Thread: Solar happenings

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRP3 View Post
    How well would that work in an unheated basement? Mine was below 40F on some cold days this winter. (Yes I need to do some insulating).
    The Geospring is a "hybrid" hot water heater meaning it's a heat pump but it also has traditional resistance elements for back-up. I've got mine in my garage and it often gets <40F in the winter.... The resistance elements kick on ~35F-40F.

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    Interesting. Thanks.

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    The Netherlands installed a very impressive 100,000 PV systems in 2013 and aims to install another 100,000 in 2014.

    100,000 More Solar Roofs In Netherlands In 2013, Another 100,000 Targeted For 2014 | CleanTechnica

    The Dutch solar market saw good growth, approximately doubling from about 100,000 solar roofs to about 200,000 solar roofs. In 2014, the aim is to reach about 300,000.
    To be exact, 101,326 new installations were registered in 2013, mostly on private homes. That compares well to 140,000 installations in the US in 2013. The US, of course, has a much larger population — approximately 19 times larger.

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    Apple is currently building a gigantic sapphire production plant. Is it possible that Apple is planning to make some sort of sapphire solar panel system that would be integrated into all forms of devices and buildings (windows?) Would there be a significant benefit to this process? What kind of effect would it have on the efficiency/ cost of Solar Panels?

    "Now that sapphire (an insulator) can now be used, the only conductive pathway remaining is the spiderweb of zinc nanowires. This state-of-the-art fabrication technique should allow access to all manner of new devices, including high efficiency solar panels"

    Solar Panels Made from Sapphire - Yahoo Voices -
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    Quote Originally Posted by drinkerofkoolaid View Post
    Apple is currently building a gigantic sapphire production plant. Is it possible that Apple is planning...
    I don't know if it's a new product. Apple currently uses sapphire in the iPhone 5s for the "home button" that has the fingerprint sensor mounted underneath it. Apple - iPhoneÂ*5s - Design says the sensor is "Made from laser-cut sapphire crystal, the surface of the button directs the image of your finger to a capacitive touch sensor, which reads beneath the outer layers of your skin to get a detailed print."

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    An article discussing the impact of falling solar prices:
    Log In - The New York Times

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    Unfortunately, it's Krugman. The byline said all it needed to say.

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