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Thread: Solar happenings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylonfive View Post
    6.3MW seems excessive for a home system...
    Heh. Maybe he's building a Stark tower replica.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JRP3 View Post
    At any moment half the panels would not be facing the sun.
    Such a system need not ever face all directions. Rotating cones would only need max 180 degrees coverage, and non-rotating would only have to span winter to summer variations of sun exposure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brianman View Post
    @Tesla940 - Do you have a fairly direct link for more information? Thanks.
    Try this - Kit Carson Cooperative Community Solar: Community Solar, Solar Farms, Solar Gardens, Community-based Renewable Energy

    On the right side of the page about the middle - you will see live production updates that rotate between about 5 locations. The one in Taos, NM is 420 panels @ 235w per panel and went on-line in Aug/Sept. I'm purchasing 12 panels. Kit Carson electric rates are fairly low - about $0.105 per kwh and I don't think they have yet implemented a tiered billing structure.

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    Waiting for ≡

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    Quote Originally Posted by VolkerP View Post
    supergrids are good to compensate spatial imbalance of supply & demand.
    storage is good to compensate temporal imbalance of supply & demand.

    I am convinced that in the long run, we need both as it shows to be the most cost-effective solution.
    The larger the grid the more time variance over it's geography. Helpful to balance temporal issues? (NY needs power for lighting while HI is in full sunlight in the PM, and vice versa in the AM)

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    Yes it helps. But the cost is significant.

    Germany currently discusses to add 3-4 grid lines running north-south to transport wind generated electricity from near the north sea shore to the industrial centers in the south. Power companies an politics try to make rate payers foot the bill, while there is resistance from people doubting the wisdom of this undertaking, and the environmental impact.

    As of today, power generation and consumption is balanced within several subgrids across Germany. You can accomodate more renewables by extending distribution, or storage, or both.

    IMO distribution only will not work, we need more storage, too.

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    Twitter / LeonieGreeneREA: Shocker revelation this week, ...

    Shocker revelation this week, solar pv industry could be hit with cost of disposing of half uk elec waste under WEEE #NUTS! More next week.

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    I haven't tried the site for my region yet but I thought I would throw this article out there for those who live in regions served by the tool they are talking about in this article ...

    It Used to be a Super Pain to Shop for Solar Installers, but No Longer | Solar at Home, Scientific American Blog Network
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    1,000,000 houses in Australia got solar systems installed. It is more then 10% of houses out there!

    1,000,000 Solar PV Systems Installed In Australia! | CleanTechnica

    Small problem thought, because of the way incentives were structured in the past, installed PV systems are relatively small out there, just slightly more then 2.4kW on average. Nevertheless, looks like a great start for residential PV systems. And now Australia is attempting to work out solution to allow/promote bigger solar PV systems.
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