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Thread: (BIG JPG) Supercharger overlay map

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norbert View Post
    Actually, every 120 - 150 miles according to Elon.
    Anything over 150 miles would make them useless for the 60 kWh cars so I really hope they are not spaced any further than that. I really don't understand their plan for Washington State. You can't just put one in Spokane because that's almost 300 miles from Seattle (plus you need to get over the Cascade Mountains!). We absolutely MUST have a Supercharger somewhere in the middle of the state in order to be able to cross the state. I've heard rumors of Ellensburg but I think that is still too far away from Spokane. Vantage Washington would be ideal since it would allow travel to both Spokane as well as Pullman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daxz View Post
    I've done a dynamic map at:
    I don't see the Harris Ranch location on your dynamic map.

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    If the rumors are true, the map is already wrong vs. their original plans.

    The map shows one in Champaign, but the rumors (via contractors and such) have placed it in/near Bloomington/Normal, IL. The one in Bloomington, IL will be a much better location than Champaign, because it represents the St. Louis to Chicago path (I-55). Effingham would be better suited for an I-57/I-70 SC, Champaign is a great city and all but it's just not a good location on the highway system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ken830 View Post
    I don't see the Harris Ranch location on your dynamic map.
    added, Thanks for pointing that out.

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    I agree about a Supercharger at Vantage. But I think you must be a WSU alum. You should see if WSU will allow NEMA 14-50 charger on campus so that you can charge up during a game! There are a number of other state universities that have charging stations.

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    I would think Tesla would like to avoid large cities as locals would likely just clog them up for free charging...
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